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We are a small family owned business inspired to prepare good tasting as well as healthy foods. Our inspiration came when my husband was diagnosed with a sickness in 2010. (He is healed completely now). After this diagnoses, we all decided to change our eating habits and lifestyle, without losing the taste of our favorite foods, and including a larger variety. It is our passion to keep all of God's people healthy without the blandness of taste. We use quality ingredients that have proven to work well for us in a vast amount of entrees that we prepare. I am a Certified Professional Food Manager and I have been licensed for several years. We have discovered a large amount of herbs and natural spices that boost the flavor of food. We hope that you also will discover the goodness hidden in the products that we have to offer. Below, you will see just a small choice of products that we have served.

Why Us?

Although we have had numerous years of experience, this part of our company was birthed in 2013. When God gave us the vision to launch Its All Because Of Him Catering, we were quite surprised. It has been a challenging journey, but through it all we know that God ordained and anointed this business into existence. We take no credit for what He has done, or what He shall do. Our foundation is built upon Jesus alone for we give Him all the Glory, Honor and Praise that He is worthy of. We pray that you experience His anointing as you explore our website.